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Fabcraft's Mountain Mini

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Have your kids outgrown their snowmobile?

A 120 snowmobile taken to the extreme!!

We are now offering component DIY Kits for the Arctic Cat 120 and Yamaha 120.
The Polaris 120 DIY kits will be available in January 2015. The Ski-Doo 120 DIY kits will be available spring to early summer 2015.

(Chassis's can also be built for you. We can use your stock Mini, or we can build one from the ground up.)

Order one or all the kits to start your new deep snow, mountain killing Mini project. These kits are designed for the gear heads that want the satisfaction of doing the work themselves but don't have the expensive equipment to manufacture the components.
We've spent countless hours building minis and refining the kits to make them as easy as possible for the customer to install.

These chassis can run up to 30 mph on trails and motor around in 12" or more of snow, (snow conditions and chassis option permitting)

Our goal is to help you build a sled to bridge the gap between the 5 mph 120s and full size sled. These sleds are a great platform for most kids ages 6 to 10 (weights of 35 lbs. to 70 lbs.) who are bored with the beginner 120s and are eager to start riding off trail and learning the art of powder riding on a sled they can physically handle. When they have mastered and outgrown these they will be ready to rip on the bigger sleds.

The snowmobile industry has forgotten our young riders that hunger to get out and really learn to ride like their parents. We can't afford to let them slip away to other vices when they can be out with the family riding and enjoying our great outdoors. It's proven that children who stay busy doing things with the family are less likely to get into trouble, and they grow up to be respectful and productive adults.

Do the sport and your family a favor and keep them really involved in the sport of snowmobiling.


Now here is the core of the mountain mini. Without a good chassis you have nothing.

We offer our famous Fabcraft mountain powder tunnel with grated running boards in two lengths, 96" and 124".
These tunnels come with the jack shaft and drive shaft holes programed into them so there is no need to calculate clutch centers and gear to gear centers. Fabcraft rear suspension mounts are riveted into place, aluminum rear bumper and a 5 deg. tipped up tail.
All you need to do is rivet the motor cradle portion of your 120 into our tunnel and you are ready to start bolting the parts on.

We will also offer a blank tunnel for those customers who are keeping their 120 motors and/or stock drive systems. No rear suspension brackets included.

Plain brushed aluminum finish or powder coating upon request.

Instructions included

Retail price:
96": $1150.00
124": $1200.00

mini tunnel

mini chassis


Like our big sled suspension, we built a light weight but strong fully functioning dual coil over rear suspension for powder riding and big bumps. This isn't a modified stock suspension, but a purpose-built mini skid.

This suspension comes in two lengths, 96" and 124".

Features include dual coil over shocks, limiter strap adjuster, upper rear arm idler wheels, two 5 5/8" composite rear idler wheels, graphite hifax and anti stab wheels up front.

Bare metal finish or powder coating upon request

Instructions included

Retail price: $1500.00

mini rear suspension

mini rear suspension


This A-arm kit will widen the ski stance from 30" to 34", and raise the mini up out of the snow for much improved deep snow performance and maintain better stability in corners while reducing tipping. The shocks will be remounted up onto the bulkhead and attach to the lower a-arm just like the modern big sleds. This gives better snow clearance. Billet aluminum spindles are also part of the kit.
This kit will drop 2 lbs. of weight from the front suspension.

Kit includes (2) upper and (2) lower a-arms with grease zircs made from 4130 chrome molly steel. Upper shock brackets, 6061 Billet aluminum spindles, longer tie rods and high quality teflon lined rod ends on all components.

Bare metal finish or powder coating upon request.

Instructions included

Retail price: $650.00

mini front suspension

mini front suspension


The Jr. Belt drive system requires different foot wells with the chain cover on the right side. That said we designed aluminum foot wells/chain guard with traction holes that allow clearance for the secondary clutch and roller chain sprocket.

Brushed aluminum finish, powder coating upon request.

Instructions included

Retail price: $73.00

mini footwells


Here is the second most important item for a
powder/mountain sled.
The track!

These little guys are hand built in (4) variations based on a 2.52" pitch.

96" x 10" x .625 lug
124" x 10" x .625 lug
96" x 10" x 1.25" lug
124" x 10" x 1.25" lug

If you are just looking for more flotation and length or if you are still running a small motor, the .625" lug will be a good choice.

If you want a real powder hound you will want to move up to the 1.25" lug, however we don't suggest these deep lug tracks unless you are going to the Jr belt drive and 200cc motor. Just like a big sled these little deep lug tracks take more horse power and variable clutching to spin.

.625" lug tracks are a 2 week lead time with a Polaris track core.
1.25" lug tracks are a 4 week minimum lead time with a Polaris track core.

Call for additional info.

Retail price with good core:
96" x .625" lug: $625.00
124" x .625" lug: $755.00
96" x 1.25" lug: $2175.00
124" x 1.25" lug: $2900.00

Retail price without core:
Add $200.00

mini track

mini track


For the little mountain riders we have built a 4130 chrome molly mountain handle bar with a 10 deg. pull back, Poly Bar mountain strap and billet aluminum risers from 2" to 8" rise. After all if they are going to learn to ride powder they will need to have bars they can ride standing up.

The stock steering post will need to be modified.

Bare metal finish or powder coating upon request.

Instructions included

Retail price: $196.00

mini handlebars

mini handlebars


Little riders get cold hands just like we do, maybe more, so we have a hand warmer kit just for their needs.

This hand warmer kit can be used with any motor that has a lighting coil.

Kit includes (2) high/low self adhesive heating elements,
(2) small diameter rubber hand grips, three way toggle switch with rubber boot, spade connectors and extra three- strand wire.

Instructions included

Retail price: $83.00

mini handwarmers


If you are building a powder sled then the CA pro mini ski is the ski to have. They have a larger footprint for better flotation in powder than the stock skis can give you.
These little skis are 4.75" wide x 31" long.

Color choices: Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange

Kits include: (2) skis, (2) skags & bolt kit

Retail price: $295.00

mini skis


Just like the big sleds we've built a seat foam & cover kit to turn the mini seat into a high rise flat top seat to make stand up riding and switching sides for powder carving much easier for the youngsters.

Simply remove your stock seat cover, add our extra seat foam to the existing stock foam and staple the new cover into place.

Special colors available upon request.

Tank not included

Instructions included

Retail price: $185.00

mini seat


We've built a custom designed rubber tail flap that won't crack in the cold. These little guys have a stylish new cut-out pattern plus we can laser just about any logo name or picture into them.

Retail price: $36.00
Laser price: Call for quote

mini tail flap


This kit is assembled to work with our Fabcraft powder tunnel. All the shafts are cut, drilled & tapped to length, 5 tooth anti-ratchet drivers installed, locking collar bearings, #35 roller chain, idler sprocket, 2.66 to1 gear ratio, light weight hydralic disc brake and mounting bracket.

No piece-parting, milling or lathe work needed.

Instructions included

Retail price: $593.00

mini drive system


We are offering a complete Jr. belt driven clutch kit for the minis.
These are high quality machined billet clutches just like the big sleds run but made for the minis with their lower horsepower and size requirements.

Kit includes: primary, spring, weights, spacer to align the GX200 motor on an Arctic Cat chassis, key and primary bolt. Secondary, spring, helix, spacers, key and bolt.
(1) Jr. drive belt

If you are serious about making your mini a deep snow machine, this kit is a must. Without variable clutching deep snow performance isn't going to happen.

Instructions included

Retail Price: $635.00

mini clutches

mini clutchies


Stage 2 GX-200 Honda 4 stroke motor with Walbro round slide carb from Recreational Motors is our motor of choice for mountain minis.

These little 200cc motors will crank out around 9.5 hp with great torque. It will make your old 120 motor feel like a

These little guys are fuel friendly for their size and once started and warmed most kids can start them by themselves.

Stroker motors available for race purposes.

For more details call.

Retail price: $1400.00

mini motor





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